Saturday, October 18, 2008

I The Lord, Do Not Change. Malachi 3:6

What an amazing realization. To know that in the midst of all I face you are there, never changing. The constant, The Truth, The Way. When things seem to be at their worst for me, I am comforted knowing that you never change. I don't have to guess your thoughts, words, actions, deeds. I don't have to question your motives. All I have to do is honor you. You never change, and you are with me always.

Lord, each day I see your hands at work in my life. You are leading me day by day, verse by verse to be an authentic woman. I am learning about who I am, and how important it is for me to seek you always. Its interesting that often times the way you work in me, the outcomes, my responses are so different from the norm in this world, and people have a difficult time believing the choices I make. I even look at them sometimes in disbelief.

There is alot going on in my life and at the end of the day or in the midst of time where I don't think things are going to work out, I am frustrated, or saddened, I am reminded of this verse. You never change. You didn't move. I may have but you did not.

Today I had some challenges at work, and you blessed me with solutions. I know that I have to participate and honor you with hard work, and I know that I will not always receive the blessings in the way I would like, or desire. But I know you are at work all throughout my life and its a liberating feeling knowing that you are with me always. It sometimes seems unreal, and I know that people often times don't believe the depth and detail that I find you involved in my life, but I know that you are. To be able to be appreciative of the good things you bring my way takes the responsibility and the ego out of the way as we continue this journey. I don't know the plans you have for me Lord, and I know that I don't need to know, that the journey is one taken blindly and reliant solely on your promise, my faith, and my acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Son and my saviour. It enables me to focus on honoring you which will always result in a greater good.

Does all this sound to much? Too corny? Perhaps for some Lord, but I profess my faith and trust in you. I have witnessed your blessings in so many ways that I could never take credit for your actions in my life. It is all you. I just had to be obedient and honoring.

Thank you for never changing. Thank you for understanding my shortcomings and still working with me to become a better, God fearing woman. I know I won't get it all right all the time, but I do know that you promise blessings beyond understanding for those who honor you. You never change.

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