Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Three...

Dear Father, Last night I came home feeling lost, frustrated and alone because I am unsure and uncomfortable in my work surroundings. I feel fear of this new unknown. People around me seem to be isolating themselves, or insulating themselves from the surroundings. I seem to be in a non participatory environment. People don't want to communicate, support or work together for a common good. That is how I feel. Are my feelings right and just Lord?

You directed me to several passages: Proverbs 6:15, 18-23, 7-8. You immediately brought to my attention my actions, my words, my responsibilities while also acknowledging that you are giving me the wisdom to act accordingly. It seems difficult for me right now to have the wisdom and be aware of what is going on around me at the same time trusting in you to deal with it as part of your promise to me. My desire or first response is to react, or act on the issue. Solve the problem, defend myself and many times defend and protect others and you are telling me to simple focus on my job, be obedient and focused. I guess I can see that by focusing on others and actions of many I reduce my effectiveness in my own job. By focusing on my work and my responsibilities I will be responding to you and your plans for me, This is such a challenge and a struggle for me Lord. This is big. I always feel the need to protect myself, justify what is going on, find the reasoning behind it, try to solve it (unsuccessfully I might add!) I come to you again in prayer asking you to change me Lord. Today let me be totally focused on my job and not get entrenched in gossip and what on the surface appears to be wise words from above when in fact its masked as leadership and is exactly what others are doing, gossiping, creating doubt and ill will. Its not up to me to find the reasoning behind others actions, yet the wisdom you give me can help me to react and respond according to your will. Right now, you are asking me to "Be Still and Know that you are GOD. Thank you my dear father. Teach me to focuse on and listen to you. AMEN

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