Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bible Verse Challenge...

I had an "aha" moment with God today and usually a verse comes to mind, or I see it on a license plate or I turn right to it in the bible, but today nothing came. I know it will, he teaches me that way, but I thought rather than wait for the verse why not share my story with you while I wait for his voice. Perhaps he wants the verse to come to me from you. Someone will find this blog, and know the exact verse that applies to me and the lesson. But if not now, I know it will come.

I have so often agonized over my job, I wake thinking about it, I argue it out in my head, I anticipate problems before they happen and even though they usually do and I am always prepared when they come, I find that its not the most healthy place to be. First it takes me away from quiet time with God, Second, it gets me all riled up about the job and I become obsessed with the job and forget about all that surrounds me.

Today God told me that work is to take 8 hours. After that, its my time. Time with my family, my friends, my husband. I devote 8 hours of strong, hard steady work to my job, and then that is it. The rest of the time is time spent on me, my relationship with God, my relationship with my family. Work will have to wait.

For me, this was a jolt to my daily routine of waking up, thinking about what lies ahead, feeling miserable and not wanting to go in, blah, blah, blah. Today I approached it differently. I owe them 8 focused hours. That is it. So on the way home, my husband and I talked about other things, made plans for our vacation, cooked dinner together.

I came home and didn't check my emails, and it is a little difficult breaking the habit, but I turned off the blackberry, we ate dinner on time, I was able to sort through some mail, make my husband's lunch. I had more energy, more time for me, more time for us. I was even friendlier.

I seem to have lost track of what was important. The job pays the bills. The title, the pay, the status means nothing to the Lord all he wants is a relationship with me. He wants me to put my priorities in other places. Places I have neglected. Its going to be an interesting journey over the next few weeks. I know its all part of his plan. It's so exciting to have someone so focused on me as his child. And we all can have that relationship with him. We can all let it go and let him do his work in us.

You know some might shy away from or ignore the lessons that God has for us, or even his plans. But lately I have found that by sitting still, listening to him, doing my best to hear and follow his direction is well worth the investment. Less stress, more time, more peace. A restful place to land.


Mernie said...

A few years ago while looking in a dresser drawer I found something
my Mother had written down.

Psalm 46
1) God is our refuge ( a safe harbor)
and strength
2)He is a very present help in time of trouble
3)Therefor we will not fear
4)Be still and know that I am God.

Mary from the Prairie said...

The book of Ecclesiastes comes to mind, specifically Ecclesiastes 3:1-14. A time for everything, and then goes on to say "That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil—this is the gift of God." God wants us to be satisfied in our work, in what we do. Perhaps if you find yourself so consumed in your work that it has a greatly negative effect in other areas of your life, it may not be the work that God intends for you to do? (just a thought...)

Just Me said...

Thank you for the verses. I am very familiary with Be Still and Know that I am God, I just have trouble practicing it! LOL. Isn't it interesting how he keeps bringing me back to that verse!

I have written these down and will go back to my bible and study them in detail. Its there where he will show me his plans.

Thanks so much!

Just Me said...

The book of Ecclesiastes is one chapter that I don't come across often in my prayer time. I will definitely spend some time there. Thanks Mary from the Prairie! Love you blog by the way!

Deb said...

I love this post and the one right before it.

Thank you for sharing your heart; you've ministered to me.

I'll be back. I'm working on an addiction too - blogging.

I'm visiting from somewhere...a writing prompt blog.

This verse helps me:

Let the message about Christ in all its richness fill your lives (Col. 3:16a).

Maybe it will encourage you.

Sweet dreams.