Sunday, July 12, 2009

Different Perspectives

God is quite involved in my life, and the more I let him, the more I learn and grow. If you have been following my journey you will know that its been quite the roller coaster ride for me. I was just offered full time status back at my office for the next three months. I was asked back because another employee was let go for not representing the company well. It was a tremendous shock to me because I had felt that this person was a hard worker. I had seen the work this person was doing. I felt bad, but also I was relieved for my situation. I questioned God asking why I was getting this gift at someone else's expense. I was confused, frustrated, saddened. I wanted to solve this problem, make it better for the person. In so doing, I would then be jeopardizing my own current circumstance.

When I became part time God told me to be still, be patient. And I tried my best to do that. I did not get involved with the turmoil. I paid attention to the task at hand and even though that was very hard for me it did get easier.

Two weeks back to full time I stumbled upon some emails this former employee had written and was shocked to find that she had been talking about me behind my back. Her perspective was that my part time status was a good thing for me, and bad for her. She was getting all of my work. Here I was struggling to accept this drastic change and cut in pay, and this person felt put upon.

The sad part about it all was that I believed we were becoming friends. I had been there for her quite often and I felt she was becoming that kind of friend to me. I was wrong.

But the lesson here for me has been that at times when I am feeling put upon, treated unfairly and depressed, that there are others with different perspectives on the same situation. Perhaps neither perspective is wrong, perhaps both are childish and insensitive to the other. Regardless, God continues to work with us right where we are. He has one perspective, and when we dwell too much on our selves, we get away from his plan, his mission, his perspective.


Dani said...

It is very true. Today at church someone talked about how our minds are a stage and we allow what thoughts control the stage. When the dark thoughts come on stage, we can get them to leave by occupying the space with something positive. Once suggestion is to sing a sacred song of some kind- or even just simply something uplifting. Dark thoughts cannot stay around light ones.

It made me realize that this would work with thoughts that aren't even really that horrible...just depressing or critical or wrong. Like jealousy, envy, self-doubt, and so-on. These things do not come from God. So don't dwell on them. Don't allow these negative thoughts to occupy the stage in your mind.

It was rather like a light bulb in my mind. Perhaps I should have blogged about it today for Sacred Sunday but I had other things on my mind earlier.

Anyway- your post just reminded me of this- Try not to dwell so much on the negative side of things. It sounds to me like you getting this full-time position back from her is actually better for both of you. She probably has some other purpose to fulfill elsewhere.

Just Me said...

You are so right! I know that God is there helping me to see the good, the best in life. When I find myself absorbed, I immediately reach for him through his word, song, prayer. I have had difficulty in the past realizing that everything has its purpose. And rather than fight it, to just let it happen reveals his will for us.

hoyden said...

Just stumbled upon yr blog. Thanks for writing this. It's really encouraging. We might not know all His plans for us. But it's comforting to know that HE's got our back.

Just Me said...

Thanks for writing. I am constantly amazed at God's plan when I let go and let him in. I will always share my story, please feel free to share yours as well.